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Our team will assess your marketing strategy and provide a digital marketing audit which will show what you are doing right and what you can improve upon, together with a 9 step marketing plan and an execution strategy for 15 days, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year.

We’ll take a look at:

  • Your website’s content, design and quality.
  • The quality of your images on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • The interaction of your followers on every social platform you manage.
  • What your competitors are doing and you are not.
  • Whether you have properly claimed your Google spot.
  • Whether you are tinteracting with Twitter users to engage into current conversations.
  • If you are participating in specific forums of your industry.
  • If you have made interesting how-to videos about your business.
  • Whether you are responding to the reviews from your clients on
    different platforms.
  • And how you use your social media channels to tell your story.

We’ll make suggestions on ways to:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Turn more visitors into actual clients
  • Get more interaction from your followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest
  • Have a complete and professional LinkedIn profile that will present you as a serious and responsible business owner
  • Engage with Twitter users to make you more popular and attract new clients
  • Exploit all the potential of audiovisual content and YouTube channels
  • Use social media platforms to be perceived as an authority in your field
  • Use social media platforms to recruit new employees
  • Create different content native to each platform that amazes and attracts potential customers
  • Always make sure your story represents your brand and keeps being interesting for consumers

Anywhere, anytime, we are here to help.