Now you are probably wondering what is it that we can actually do for you, and the concrete tasks we will perform for your brand. You have come to the right section!

Since each industry is really different from others and, above all, each brand has to be different from its competitors, we will not be performing the same tasks for everyone, but here is a list of everything we CAN (and if you let us, WILL) do for you:

  • Social media:

  • Social media:
    content creation
    and optimization

  • Copywriting
    and proofreading

  • Translation

  • Video and

  • Mailing

  • Website design
    and development

  • Performance

  • Training

Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of ingredients that you need to have great social media presence. Having a Facebook or Instagram account will not get you to the top in your field. You need to be present in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google + at least​, and each account should have its own native and interesting content. Therefore, there are a lot of actions involved to achieve this goal, which can be divided into:

Lead Generation

  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter paid advertising with constant analysis of the performance of each ad.
  • Engaging with your audience and users of each social network who still do not know your brand, and Creation of alluring contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Creation of a professional LinkedIn account to show your brand as a proper and serious business, creation of blogs to show authority on your field and participation on digital forums of your area of expertise.
  • Influencer marketing.

Content Creation & Optimization

  • Innovative and interactive content creation for every digital platform.
  • Social media management, which involves posting the right content at the right time to the right audience.
  • Answering reviews and comments from potential and current clients.
  • Always monitor what your competition is doing on social networks.

Copywriting and Proofreading

Every digital marketing strategy needs substance. Incredible pictures and amazing videos are essential as well, but you need to show your potential customers that you are an authority in your field. Whether you manage a bank, a hair salon, a vineyard or a hospital, you can always write blog posts to provide useful information to your potential customers. If the content is interesting enough, people will share it and you will become even more popular.

Moreover, we are not talking just about plain text, but also about the sections of your website, answers for professional forums and video scripts. We have the right people to tell your brand’s story.

Therefore, we can write that content for you, make sure there is never a typo or a grammar mistake, we can plan it ahead with you and we can also follow your instructions on the kind of information you want to transmit. We will always respect your will, but you just need to relax while we take the load.

Translation services

Argentina is a really cosmopolitan country and every year we have thousands of visitors from foreign countries. Are you already offering your services to English speaking tourists? If you still have a monolingual website, we can translate it to English for you, which will ensure you new customers. In addition, we can answer your English and Portuguese reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Yelp or TripAdvisor, which will also turn into new publicity for the tourists who are planning their visit to Buenos Aires, for instance.

Video and Photography

Everybody know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in today’s world you need great quality pictures AND videos. Never underestimate the power of audiovisual content, since that will be the first impression your potential customers will get of your brand. Evidently, all this content needs to be accordingly published in different social networks and all the videos should be part of your YouTube channel with its proper headings, keywords, thumbnails, tags and subtitles. Before that, we will go to your place to:

  • Take professional pictures of your business (for instance, we can take pictures of your meals if you are managing a restaurant, or take pictures of your facilities if you are managing a clinic).
  • Take professional pictures of the owner and the staff to introduce them to your digital audience.
  • We will take pictures of before and after: ingredients and a finished dish, the manufacture of a bottle of wine, the before and after of a hair makeover, the before and after of a plastic surgery, etc.
  • We will record tutorial videos to provide more information on your service and to help your audience and clients, which will also translate into fewer customer service calls for you.
  • We will create a whiteboard video of your business to have original and fresh audiovisual content to promote your brand.
  • We will record amazing trailer videos of your facilities, which will tempt your viewers to go to your place the minute they watch the video.
  • We will record and take pictures of special events, such as charity events, events with celebrities, anniversaries of the creation of the business, etc.
  • We will also be there to record live videos of your place and during special events.
  • We will record interviews with the owner if the business with the frequently asked questions of the industry, to show the most human side of the company.
  • And, of course, we will take pictures and record testimonials of happy customers, who will be a great way of presenting your business and having social proof of your first class services.

Content Creation & Optimization

Even though social media platforms are the stars, a email list is a valuable asset which every small or big business owner, we recommend to possess. We have specific strategies for you which can help you amass a email list of 1000 email addresses or more which you can use as and when you want to market your products in the future or announce special events regarding your business which may be of interest to your clients. Therefore, we will take specific actions to create or enlarge your email database.

Website Design and Development

Your website should be the main digital presentation of your brand. Any serious business should have an attractive, functional and updated website to be considered a respectable brand. This website should also act like a funnel: it should turn the visitor into a client as soon as he or she enters it. There are many aspects of your website you should always take into account, and we can do them for you:

  • Design of the website with a specific colour palette respecting the logo of the brand and an attractive and modern style, and with proper headings and sections.
  • Development of the website with no errors in the coding and website hosting.
  • Mobile optimization of the website to make sure people can browse it smoothly through their smartphones and tablets.
  • SEO optimization to make sure your website is on the top of search enginesmachines (nobody bothers to look beyond the first page of Google!).
  • Using Google Adwords for paid search, to always beat your competition on search engine results.
  • Including all the relevant information such as the address and contact details in an important position.
  • Having a nice presentation video and great quality pictures to engage the people who visit your site.
  • Installing the analytics tools to know who is visiting your website, which is your most popular audience, which are their habits and where they are from. Then, all this information will be extremely valuable to improve your whole digital marketing strategy.
  • Placing a call to action to book an appointment or a table at your place, or to directly buy your products through an e-commerce platform.

Constant Review of your Performance

We will always take into account the performance of every action we take regarding your digital marketing. We will send you regular updates (as frequent as you want) though the medium that best suits you (be it email, phone call, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp) to allow you to see how your marketing money is being spent and how many people those campaigns are reaching.In addition, these reviews allow us to always know which actions work best, who the main audience is and how we can improve even more your marketing strategy. Once we have been working together for a while, we will have a lot of information about your consumers and, above all, we will know which are their interests and concerns.


We want to share our knowledge with you, so we will show you how to improve your marketing strategy, how to successfully use your social media accounts and how to impress your audience. We will also train your staff, we will create group presentations to show you how we work and we can coordinate a brainstorming session to make you part of the creative process.

Anywhere, anytime, we are here to help.